The Phileas Club 123 – Canadians with Guns

On this episode we talk about:

  • US: Life in Minnesota, and Trump inquiry (and wall)
  • France: Gilet Jaunes Status Quo
  • Mexico: Andrés Manuel López Obrador
  • Netherlands: Provincial and Water Board elections, and KLM/Air France “fight”
  • And more!

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  1. Matthias Keller says:

    Another very nice (but as always way too short) episode!

    France seems to be itching for a fight with a lot of their neighbors recently. Apart from the “fight” with the Dutch which Marleen mentioned, they are not on very good terms with Italy right now and fight over everything from politics to works of art and artists. And Macron also canceled his meeting with Merkel that was scheduled during his trip to the Security Conference in Munich. Of course, the Élysée Palace was quick to announce that the differences over some recent issues were not the reason for the cancelation, but since it was on such short notice it was a little bit suspicious. And I guess I shouldn’t even start with the whole Brexit mess…
    Maybe the heated political climate at home is bleeding over into other fields? On the other hand, the current populist government in Rome likes to take potshots at Macron and the French government over the Gilets Jaunes movement, which sure doesn’t help to ease the tensions.

    • Yeah things have been heating up with Italy indeed, but I doubt it’ll amount to more than a bit of posturing. Honestly I don’t know that it’s France itching for a fight so much as everyone having disagreements with everyone else on almost everything. I hope it’s just like a thanksgiving dinner rather than something worse… 🙂

      • Matthias Keller says:

        Well if you behave like you are at a Thanksgiving dinner the least you could do is bring the cranberry sauce… 😉

  2. Thanks for the episode !Patrick. I just became a Patron (not for a lot, but 1/13th of a Netflix :-)). I’ve been listening to the last few episodes and am really enjoying your goals with the podcast. I would have become a member under Patreon soon, but what gave me a nudge was your comments when you noticed that the group you had assembled was getting a little “echo chamber-y”.

    I tend toward the center politically, but more right fiscally. I feel like we definitely need a reformed immigration policy that takes into account the greater number of people fleeing some form of trouble in their home country, but open borders don’t make sense to me. Trump’s wall is ridiculous. I didn’t vote for him, but I also didn’t vote for Clinton. Neither of them offered what I want in a President.

    Anyway, I might be somewhat representative of the category of people you were referring to when you nudged the conversation off the track it was on (the non-deplorables?). And I just wanted to say I appreciated it and we are out there and listening and (hopefully) not deplorable.


    • patrick says:

      Thank you Bill! Yeah it’s not easy to remove your tunnel vision for anyone, and I have to be honest, the only reason I sometimes manage to partially do so is because I have discussed sensitive topics with many people on this show… I guess it’s achieving what it set out to do in that way… Thanks for the support! 🙂

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