The Phileas Club 126 – Special: Life as an Expat

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  1. Olivier JGMNP says:

    Hello Patrick, Wendi and Mayank,

    Thanks a lot for this great episode ! It did bring back a lot of memories as I did similar experiences when i was younger. I actually did cultural exchange programs in Canada (3 month) when I was 15 and in Japan (1 year) when I was 17 (it was in 2001 so Japan has changed a lot since then!). Both times I lived in a host family and went to a local school just like any Canadian or Japanese would do. I later lived 1 year in the US (in Maine) going to University there.

    All these experiences are immensely enriching, and while i do agree strongly with Wendi that it should really be encouraged, I wouldn’t go as far as to make it mandatory (because some people might not have a good time or might not be interested) however I do believe that it is the single most efficient way to diminish racism drastically and work toward more peace between people, no matter where they live. Therefore it should be greatly encouraged by our governments.

    Because as you mentioned, leaving your familiar place and confronting to other cultures, to other ways of thinking will make you think about your own country, about yourself, about why you do this and not that. And as you also mentioned it makes you a more empathetic humain being which is always a huge plus for society 🙂

    I think the very existence of this podcast is the perfect ambassador to this idea and while I don’t always agree with you on all your subjects Patrick, I think you do a remarkable job of embodying this “expat feeling” so to speak.

    • I think saying it would be “mandatory” was a bit of a figure of speech, but I think everyone who has experienced it would agree that it would ba a measure that would have the best “efficiency” to get people to stop hating each other overall… I can only hope that this show provides a bit of that public service as well as you said. 😀

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