The Phileas Club 150 – Special: Life in Minneapolis

On this episode we talk about:

  • Life in Minneapolis, in the past and today

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  1. Kevin McArdle says:

    Patrick, I was so disgusted by Episode 148 that I almost bailed on you. Thank God I didn’t.
    You may never record a better episode than your recent pod with Gunnar. You have an amazing ability to ask the right questions. You also establish instant rapport. My heart goes out to Gunnar. His recitation of black history in America is painful, embarrassing and accurate.

    • patrick says:

      Hey Kevin, I’m sorry some of the previous episodes were frustrating for you. I understand why that is, but I’m glad you are sticking with me, and I hope that those frustrating ones help you a tiny bit as well… But of course I’m even more glad that you, and many others, could hear Gunnar’s account. I hope it helps a little bit too…

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