Pixels 138 – Special: The Last of Us Part II

On this episode we discuss:

  • My very spoiler filled impressions of The Last of Us Part II

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  1. Chad Winters says:

    As to Tragedies, to me i guess there’s a difference between an hour or two tragic play or movie and 23 hours of it, at a certain point it may be less drama and more depressing

    • patrick says:

      I can understand that, but it’s about intensity, not intent, and I think most people were arguing about the intent. But it is a fair point.

  2. Dorkmaster Flek says:

    Thanks for this episode Patrick! I waited to listen to it until I had played the game myself, but this was cathartic because I honestly found myself disagreeing with a lot of the discourse surrounding this game and being really impressed with what it was trying to do. I basically agree with almost everything you say here (in case anybody reading hasn’t played the game yet).

    I thought this was a much more interesting (and challenging) narrative than the first game, and for me it absolutely hit harder (outside of the ending of the first one, which I do think is brilliant). I will say, I’m not a father so maybe that has something to do with it. But I also think the basic narrative of the first is something we’ve seen plenty of times before, whereas I’m struggling to think of at least a video game that does what this game does. Combined with the technical improvements, to me the second game is definitely the better of the two, although I can certainly understand how it’s less enjoyable as a result.

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