The Phileas Club 153 – A “real” return to normalcy?

On this episode we talk about:

  • The early epidemic in China
  • The return to normal in Finland and France
  • The way things went in Morocco
  • Ireland has a government!
  • And a quick talk about Brexit and green initiatives
  • And more!

More info on the show:


  1. TaintedShirt says:

    Only half way thru and I’m commenting.

    Hydroxychloroquine! The data is confusing.
    Initially positive, then negative as Bart says.
    WHO said not to use after a study was released. (in the lancet).
    Then the company behind the data for this decision was shown to not have collected the data it said it had.
    So they threw the studies based on that data out. (the article was retracted).

    So we were left with no real info.

    New study just out apparently, maybe 2 days ago. I haven’t read it yet but some are screaming that it does work. I’ll wait till experts review this study.

    Oh, in the UK hydroxychloroquine is not a patented product. It is available generically. The NHS pays about £5.79 for the 60 tabs.

    Dexamethasone is a great steroid. Calms down the inflammatory response and your immune system too.
    It seems that in late stage, ie on ventilators, the bodies immune system is doing a lot of damage to itself. So this drug helps.
    You really don’t want to be in a state that needs it.

    There is also the new antiviral that the US bought all of. Hopefully that will be effective and can also be used in milder cases. Hospital stays could be shorter or even prevented.
    But at the price being charged it’ll most likely be kept for more severe cases.

    Great show guys. Now to finish it off.

  2. Wow…Mohamed. Sure, he didn’t go unchallenged but still. That was bad. I just marked it as played after I had listened to him for a couple minutes. I kinda gotta Contagion (2011) flashbacks (Forsythia cure) .

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