The Phileas Club 163 – Goodbye 2020, we won’t miss you

On this episode:

  • The COVID and vaccine situation in Kenya, the US, Italy and France / Finland … and stories from each of these countries.
  • And more!




  1. Hello Patrick !

    It’s been a few times now that when I hear you talking about covid, how government deals with it, and what the population thinks that I feel a disconnect.

    A couple of points to illustrate that from Belgium in no particular order:

    – Masks became mandatory on July 7 when you go shopping or some other in door places.
    Since then I have yet to see someone breaking this rule.

    – As you know, we are not very efficient when it comes to form a government.
    That being said, a temporary one was quickly put in place when it all started.
    It had very decent level of approvals and the acting prime minister at the time, Sophie Wilmes, is still the most popular politician in Brussels and Wallonia

    – Speaking of government, the current one also has a good level of approval

    – We never had to fill any paper to go out 🙂

    To sum this up, it feels quite different from what we hear from France.
    But our government has also been a lot more consistent.
    We also do not have the same level of “super star-ification” of our politicians or crazy doctors 🙂
    Really, you often say that France dealt with its kings, but seens from Belgian, you treat your president as a king. And you often like to behead them 🙂

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