The Phileas Club 165 – The Power of The Internet

On this episode:

  • Podcasting and the Internet in Egypt
  • Russia and Navalny
  • The second wave of COVID in Germany
  • COVID in Egypt
  • News from the US
  • And more!




  1. Gordon Bellah Jr says:

    Speaking from a US perspective, I enjoyed both guests very much (and of course you as host). I really feel good about Kim Fox’s comments and perspective throughout but regarding the poet at the inauguration, I think she represents the sentimentalists among us, I personally fall in an attitude more like you. If you remember, after Obama’s election people had a notion of a big move toward racial reconciliation. We can see how well that progressed. Matthias I think hit the right notion of what much of the electorate felt, Biden was an acceptable alternative to the farther left candidates in order to win the election. And boring might be more peaceful. But don’t fail to recall the election may have been definitive but was not a landslide.

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