The Phileas Club 170 – Special – Republicans Under the Biden Administration

On this episode:

  • We talk to Alex and Tony about their life, as republicans and *human beings*, in the past six months
  • And more!




  1. Great episode Patrick, Alex and Tony! I did want to mention that I think Tony’s consistent stance of, “let’s keep in mind that these are good people…” or that, “these aren’t stupid people…” seems like a cop out to me. Plenty of people are “good” that do or say ignorant or stupid things. You get a pass the first time, but after something’s been pointed out to you, if you refuse to educate yourself or ignore facts or hold steadfast to hurtful and harmful beliefs, you’re no longer part of the “good” crowd in my book. You are actively making our society worse for a portion of the population. Being a minority, I’ve run into far too many people who are considered pillars of society that go all out to support their communities, churches, etc. Everything about them is great, except that they have an irrational hatred towards Hispanics or Blacks. To those groups their actively hating, they’re not good people and really wish people like Tony would stop covering for them because it’s that apologizing behavior that I feel allows that kind of hatred/exclusion/etc. to become pervasive and persistent.

    • patrick says:

      I understand what you mean. I think there’s a tendency of painting these types of people with the brush of their worse characteristic though, imagining they’re these angry obnoxious aggressive people you’d like smell in the street and get into a fight with if you tried to say hello… So in that sense, I get where Tony is coming from. But I also understand what you’re saying, and I don’t think I disagree…

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