The Phileas Club 173 – Special : Tales of Fatherhood 3: Infinite Adoration for the Cause of Your Despair

On this episode:

  • We talk about the joys and challenges of life with two children
  • And more!




  1. Jack Dennahower says:

    I really enjoyed listening to you and Bruce exchange anecdotes about your children. As the father of three grown sons, I had some of your experiences, and yet each of my sons were different again. Son 1 and son 3 were adopted, which had other kinks to be ironed out. We also travelled around Northern Canada as I was transferred either due to promotion or being needed in one position or another. I also give my wife at least half or more of the credit as there were times when she had to handle all the parenting due to my absences with work.

    Fatherhood…there’s no life like it!

  2. I had a similar experience but the other way around. My first son was reaaally easy. So that made me feel a really effective father. Giving comments to other dads like “no it’s not that hard. I think I was born to be a dad. It runs really smooth for me. If it’s hard for you, then you may do something wrong. Just relax”.
    Then I had a *normal* (aka difficult) son. Made me feel devastated. I was sure it would be easy as the first one was. But no. Not at all. And then I understood why the other dads were complaining.
    They’re 11 and 3 now. And I love them as much as it is possible to love. But we had a very hard time for two years at least.
    (And I had the exact same pool experience)

    Great episode. Really liked it.

    • Thank you for the comment. Makes me feel less guilty, and less crazy. 🙂

      • Jack Dennahower says:

        LOL. All men who voluntarily agree to fatherhood are a brick shy a load. It is worth it in the end, though, when they come back to thank you for the guidance. Oh, and it won’t get any easier when the teen years arrive. You just have to present a united front with your wife. Never argue in front of the kids. Job’s comforter I know, but…been there…done that…t-shirt wore out.

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